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Rating IMDb 8.4/10 - 184,779 votos

Original title Family Guy

Duration 22 min


Release 31 Jan 1999

Origin USA

Languages English, Portuguese



Awards Won 5 Primetime Emmys. Another 13 wins & 52 nominations.

genre New Movies,TV Shows

TV-14 Sinopsis de FAMILY GUY SEASON 13 – HDTV (1999)


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Season 13, Episode 01 – “The Simpsons Guy”
In the Season 13 premiere, the Griffins find their way to Springfield, where they meet “The Simpsons” and Homer plays host to his new “albino” friends, while Lisa teaches Meg the saxophone and Bart and Stewie become chummy. Later, Homer and Peter get into a battle of the beers and argue which is better, Duff or Pawtucket.


Season 13, Episode 02 – “Book Of Joe”
Peter helps Joe with his dream of becoming a published author, but tensions rise as Peter begins to take total control of the project, and at the same time Brian gets his first runner’s high, which inspires him to start working out excessively.


Season 13, Episode 03 – “Baking Bad”
Lois and Peter open a cookie store, but things take a bad turn when he devises an interesting way to scare up customers.


Season 13, Episode 04 – “Brian the Closer”
After Brian undergoes cosmetic surgery he is faced with a new career—real-estate agent—which leads to trouble with Quagmire.


Season 13, Episode 05 – “Turkey Guys”
On Thanksgiving eve, a drunken and ravenous Peter and Brian wolf down the holiday turkey, and then must go on hunt to find a replacement bird. With Peter gone, Chris decides to step up and take over as man of the house.


Season 13, Episode 06 – “The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin”
Peter is stunned to run into Jesus at the mall, and even more stunned to discover that he is still a virgin, so Peter recruits Quagmire and Cleveland to celebrate Jesus’ birthday by finding a way to end his celibacy.


Season 13, Episode 07 – “Stewie, Chris & Brian’s Excellent Adventure”
Stewie and Brian rev up the time machine to help Chris pass his history class, which leads to the three of them getting stuck in the past.


Season 13, Episode 08 – “Our Idiot Brian”
Brainy Brian takes the SATs for Meg and scores poorly, and everyone suspects he’s not as bright as they thought. With that in mind, Peter takes him under wing to show him the joys and benefits of being dumb and having a low IQ.

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