Kong Skull Island 2017 HDCAM x264 HQMic AC3-WhoOpiN
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Kong Skull Island 2017 HDCAM x264 HQMic AC3-WhoOpiN ()

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Original title Kong: Skull Island

Duration 120 min

Release 10 Mar 2017

Origin USA, Vietnam

Languages English

Awards N/A

genre Action,adventure,CAM,fantasy,New Movies

Cast , ,

PG-13 Sinopsis de Kong Skull Island 2017 HDCAM x264 HQMic AC3-WhoOpiN ()


A team of scientists explore an uncharted island in the Pacific, venturing into the domain of the mighty Kong, and must fight to escape a primal Eden.

Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Writers: Dan Gilroy (screenplay), Max Borenstein (screenplay)
Stars: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson
Genres: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Country: USA

Kong Skull Island 2017 HDCAM x264 HQMic AC3-WhoOpiN

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