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Rating IMDb 5.5/10 - 5,205 votos

Original title Z Nation

Duration 44 min


Release 12 Sep 2014

Origin USA

Languages English



Awards N/A

genre New Movies,TV Shows

N/A Sinopsis de Z NATION SEASON 1 -HDTV (2014)


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“Z Nation” is set three years after the zombie virus has gutted the country, and a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood. Although the antibodies he carries are the world’s last, best hope for a vaccine, he hides a dark secret that threatens them all. With humankind’s survival at stake, the ragtag band embarks on a journey of survival across three thousand miles of rusted-out post-apocalyptic America.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “Puppies and Kittens”
In Upstate New York, a zombie baby proves to be an obstacle for a diverse group of survivors.


REPACK Note: prior rls oos 33:29-end.

Season 1, Episode 2 – “Fracking Zombies”
In New Jersey, the survivors run out of fuel and embark on a dangerous mission to replenish their supply. Meanwhile, Cassandra’s past comes back to haunt her.


Season 1, Episode 3 – “Philly Feast”
The survivors make their way through the mean streets of Philadelphia, where they cross paths with a group of psychotic outlaws with ties to one of their own.


Season 1, Episode 4 – “Full Metal Zombie”
The heroes encounter a zombie army; 10K’s mysterious past is revealed.


Season 01, Episode 05 – “Home Sweet Zombie”
The survivors look for Warren’s missing husband in Central Illinois. A zombie tornado leaves everyone in danger.


Season 01, Episode 06 – “Resurrection Z”
An encounter with a seeming Utopian enclave and a religious cult results in a game changer when the survivors travel near Branson, Mo.


PROPER NOTE: BATV forgot to crop, and used the wrong resolution as well, as a result

Season 1, Episode 7 – “Welcome to the Fu-Bar”
The survivors struggle to recover from a shocking death; and in Kansas they happen upon a gun show that makes the zombie apocalypse look calm.


Season 1, Episode 8 – “Zunami”
A literal zombie tsunami engulfs the survivors, who are forced to take drastic action to survive as they travel across Nebraska; at the same time, Citizen Z gets a visitor.


Season 1, Episode 9 – “Die Zombie Die…Again”
Mack attempts to go on a real date with Addy, but ends up stuck in some Groundhog Day-like nightmare.


Season 1, Episode 10 – “Going Nuclear”
The survivors square off against radioactive zombies when they arrive in a South Dakota town that’s on the brink of nuclear disaster.


PROPER Note: Other rls contains non show footage and dialog 35:41-35:42

Season 1, Episode 11 – “Sisters of Mercy”
The remaining survivors reunite in Utah. The survivors come across an all-female commune.


Season 1, Episode 12 – “Murphy’s Law”
Murphy is kidnapped by a group of outlaws trying to crack the “Fort Knox of Oxycotin.” As the survivors battle drug-enhanced zombies, a startling discovery is made about Murphy’s abilities.


Season 1, Episode 13 – “Doctor of the Dead”
Citizen Z redeploys the survivors to Fort Collins, Colo., to meet with Murphy’s doctor in the Season 1 finale. At the compound, they discover game-changing details about their mission and the origins of the zombie virus.




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