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Rating IMDb 8.1/10 - 123,849 votos

Original title Once Upon a Time

Duration 60 min


Release 23 Oct 2011

Origin USA

Languages English



Awards Nominated for 5 Primetime Emmys. Another 6 wins & 41 nominations.

genre New Movies,TV Shows

TV-PG Sinopsis de ONCE UPON A TIME SEASON 4 – HDTV (2011)


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Season 4, Episode 07 – “The Snow Queen”
The Snow Queen is apprehended by Emma, who learns about the similarities between the two of them. Meanwhile, Emma observes Mary Margaret’s maternal side with baby Neal; and back in the past, Ingrid discovers her powers and makes a pact with her sisters.


Season 4, Episode 08 – “Smash the Mirror 1”
Emma isolates herself from loved ones to protect them as her powers grow uncontrollable, and she seeks help from Mr. Gold. Meanwhile, in the Arendelle of the past, the Snow Queen struggles to ignite a rivalry between Anna and Elsa.


Season 4, Episode 09 – “Smash the Mirror 2”
In Arendelle, when the Snow Queen tries to pit Elsa and Anna against each other and it proves more difficult than she anticipates, she takes drastic measures. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke Emma’s powers are out of control and her fear of hurting loved ones pushes her away from everyone she cares about. In her confusion, Emma turns to Gold for help getting her powers under control. Gold tells her about a way to get rid of her powers altogether and Hook tries to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, Regina struggles with her plan to find the author of the storybook until her quest takes an unexpected turn. Robin Hood recruits Will Scarlet to assist him on a mission and Mary Margaret and David search for Emma.


Season 4, Episode 10 – “Fall”
The townsfolk prepare for the Spell of Shattered Sight as an antidote is sought by Belle and the fairies. Meanwhile, Emma and Elsa use the locator spell to try to find Anna; and back in Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff learn their kingdom is in jeopardy again.


Season 4, Episode 11 – “Shattered Sight”
Townsfolk are at war with each other thanks to the Snow Queen’s spell, and Emma and Elsa race to defeat her. Meanwhile, Gold makes plans to flee Storybrooke with Belle and Henry; and Will Scarlet wants to settle his debt with Hook.

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